Nathan Courtright

Third Year Graduate Student in Composition
Room 103, Lerner Music Building

I compose as an explorer and scavenger. I rarely begin a piece with a fully developed idea. Instead, I begin with how the piece should make me feel. Then I begin searching for the sound and form through an unglamorous process of trial and error. Lately, I am intrigued by the idea of seemingly familiar music masked with superimposed dissonance. I find similarities in this relationship between dissonance and familiarity through events and experiences in my own life. 


I moved to Philadelphia from Dallas, Texas where I studied music composition at Southern Methodist University and later spent two years teaching freshman and sophomore music theory. I sincerely love teaching and am happy to be at an institution that will allow me to grow as a composer and teacher. 


My other interests include spending too much money on pizza, bagels, and coffee. I would say sports are an interest, but that is not accurate. Sports are an obsession; especially Oklahoma Sooners football. When I’m not composing or studying I am likely to be found with my wife, Molly, and our polytonal pup, Ives.