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Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations (NELC)



The department offers courses under six headings, depending on the subject: NELC (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) is the heading for courses in Near Eastern literatures, history, cultures, and thought that do not require prior knowledge of Near Eastern or Middle Eastern languages. Language courses, text courses in the original languages, and other courses with language requirements have the headings ANEL (Ancient Near Eastern Languages), ARAB (Arabic), HEBR (Hebrew), PERS (Persian), and TURK (Turkish). Please click on the links below for descriptions of courses in these areas in the current or upcoming semester.


Fall 2019 Timetable

Ancient Near Eastern Languages courses (ANEL)

Arabic Language courses (ARAB)

Hebrew Language courses(HEBR)

Near Eastern Content courses(NELC)

Persian Language courses (PERS)

Turkish Language courses (TURK)