Brenda Casper Elected a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America

Casper image

Brenda B. Casper, Professor of Biology and Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, has been elected a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America (ESA). The Society’s fellowship program recognizes the many ways in which its members contribute to ecological research and discovery, communication, education and pedagogy, and management and policy. Elected members have made outstanding contributions to a wide range of fields served by ESA, including, but not restricted to, those that advance or apply ecological knowledge in academics, government, non-profit organizations, and the broader society. Members are elected for life.

The Casper plant ecology lab’s research is wide-ranging, with recent projects focusing on the responses of plants and soil microbes to various stresses including climate change, soil contaminants, and the inhospitable environment of coastal sand dunes. The ESA cited Casper’s decades of contributions to ecological understanding in plant reproductive ecology, population biology, and foundational work in plant-soil feedbacks; mentoring and training experimental ecologists; and leadership positions enhancing science communication and undergraduate education.

ESA established its fellowship program in 2012 with the goal of honoring its members and supporting their competitiveness and advancement to leadership positions in the Society, at their institutions, and in broader society.

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