Jessica Anna and Davi Maximo Receive Sloan Research Fellowships

Jessica Anna and Davi Maximo

Jessica Anna,  Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Elliman Faculty Fellow, and Davi Maximo, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, are among the 126 recipients of this year’s Sloan Research Fellowships, which recognize early-career researchers and scholars in North America. Each will receive a two-year, $70,000 Fellowship for research. 

Anna's research provides insights on how to design new systems relevant to solar energy conversion, such as artificial photosynthetic systems, and materials that can convert light energy into electricity. Maximo studies variational problems from geometry, focusing on minimal surfaces, which are surfaces that minimize area on a local level—for example, a soap film that stretches across a loop of wire. Minimal surfaces are an important model for describing many natural phenomena and have been used in bioengineering and materials science, and in understanding black hole topology within the theory of general relativity.

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