Arts & Sciences Online Learning is one of Penn’s oldest and largest teams devoted to online and hybrid courses and digital learning initiatives. The team includes expertise in program design and delivery, pedagogy and teaching, instructional design, project management, video production, and multimedia tool creation and offers a full range of services and support to faculty, departments, and program staff. 

  • Senior Director of Program Design & Delivery
    Dr. Jacqueline Candido is dedicated to enhancing the quality of educational programs, increasing student engagement and improving access to Ivy League education. Jackie’s team is focused on building and supporting new and innovative program designs as well as online and blended courses and programs. More >
  • Instructional Designer and Course Manager
    Clay believes lifelong learning is integral to any sustainable social system. In his role on the Online Learning team, Clay works with instructors to conceptualize, create and support educational experiences. In addition to adapting his instructional design approach to meet individual pedagogical needs, he also uses inclusive design practices. More >
  • Director of Digital Learning
    Angelina’s focus is on instructional design, pedagogy and faculty support in online and hybrid classes. Her portfolio includes developing digital learning objects, creating faculty resources, orienting instructors to online platforms as well as evaluation and assessment of online classes. More >
  • Associate Director, Online Learning Studio
    Zachary is the production manager for all video projects in the Online Learning Studio. He enjoys working in a creative setting where education and video production are combined to create informative and aesthetically pleasing multimedia projects. More >
  • Executive Canine Support
    Kismet’s main priority in Online Learning is to assist and support our Senior Director’s daily operations. As a loyal and wise confidant, Kismet helps the Online Learning team come up with exciting and innovative solutions by providing a knowing paw or skeptical nudge. More >