Faculty Resources

Online Summer Course Proposal

Interested in creating an online course during the summer semester? Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Discuss the course idea and proposal with department leadership to be sure your department approves of online course offerings and note any restrictions.
  2. Download the course at the bottom of this page and submit to the Arts & Sciences Online Learning Team as well as the Penn Summer Program.
  3. The Arts & Sciences Online Learning Team is able to discuss online course design, development, assessment strategies, video, animation and eligibility for a development stipend. Contact Angelina Conti, Director of Digital Learning, anconti@sas.upenn.edu for more information.
  4. The Penn Summer team is available to discuss rostering your course, teaching pay, enrollment, the need for TAs, etc.
  5. Once accepted by Penn Summer, first-time online course proposals will be directed to submit their description and syllabus to the SAS Curriculum Committee.

Proposal for Summer Online Credit Courses

Provide a brief description of this credit course. Briefly describe the objectives of the course and what outcomes you expect from students. Will the course be fully online or hybrid (mostly online with some on campus meetings)?
Preferred Term (summer session I, summer session II, full summer session, other). Desired meeting days and times for the course’s virtual sessions.
Why motivates you to offer an online course? What are your enrollment expectations and expected need for Teaching Assistants? What resources or digital objects (video, activities, simulations, etc.) would you like to develop