For The Land and The Lord: Appendix 1: Glossary, by Ian S. Lustick

Appendix 1: Glossary

Achdut Haavodah-Socialist-Zionist party that split from the dominant Mapai party in 1944; emphasized activism toward national and territorial objectives; merged with other socialist-Zionist parties in 1968.

Agudat Yisrael-Ultra-Orthodox political organization founded in 1912; members' attitudes range from anti-Zionist to non-Zionist.

Akiva-leading rabbi of the early second century C.E.; is believed to have declared Simon Bar Kochba the Messiah.

Amana-(Covenant) the settlement-building arm of Gush Emunim.

Ariel, Yisrael-Rabbi; number two on Rabbi Kahane's Kach list in 1981 elections; known for his extreme views.

Artzi-Scholarly/polemical fundamentalist journal published irregularly since 1982.

Aviner, Shlomo-Rabbi of the Beit-EI settlement near Ramallah; editor of the journal Aturei Kahanim, published by the Crown of the Priests Yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Bar Kochba, Simon-Leader of the second great Judean revolt against the Romans, 132-135 C.E.

Ben-Nun, Yoel-Rabbi; leading activist within Gush Emunim; veteran of Ofra settlement near Ramallah; regular contributor to Nekuda; consensus builder; an editor of Artzi. See appendix 3 for biography.

Ben-Yosef (Hagar), Moshe-Passionate polemicist; regular contributor to Nekuda; secularist; lives in Tel-Aviv; advocates imposition of a reformed halacha on all Israelis.

Bnei Akiva-(Sons of Akiva) youth movement of the National Religious party.

Cohen, Geula-A Herut firebrand; veteran of Irgun and Lehi; bolted from Herut to help found Tehiya; member of Knesset; nonreligious, ultranationalist.

Druckman, Haim-Rabbi; member of Knesset; a founder of and leading activist within Gush Emunim; organizer of Matzad; now returned to National Religious Party from Morasha.

Eldad, Israel-Leading ideologue in Lehi before 1948; writer, teacher, journalist; well known for his advocacy, in 1950s and 1960s, of Jewish sovereignty from "the Nile to the Euphrates"; Gush Emunim and Tehiya activist; nonreligious.

Elon Moreh-Jewish settlement site in Nablus area of West Bank evacuated by court order in 1979.

Eretz Yisrael-Land of Israel.

Fisch, Harold-Author former rector of Bar-Ilan University; associated with founding of Movement for the Whole Land of Israel.

Garin-Settlement nucleus.


Green line-1949 armistice line separating Israel from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

Haetzni, Eliyakim-Lawyer; veteran settler in Kiryat Arba; Gush Emunim activist; polemicist; regular contributor to Nekuda; secular, vanguardist in orientation.

Hakibbutz Hameuchad-Socialist Zionist settlement movement with activist (expansionist nationalist) emphasis; affiliated with the political part Achdut Haavodah.

Halacha-The entire corpus of Jewish religious law.

Har Habayit-(Temple Mount); biblical Mount Moriah; southeastern corner of the Old City of Jerusalem; Jewish term for the Haram el-Sharif.

Haram el-Sharif-(Noble Sanctuary); Muslim Arab term for the Temple Mount; site of the Dome of the Rock and the el-Aksa Mosque.

Haredim-Ultra-Orthodox Jews; non-Zionist or anti- Zionist.

Irgun-Also known as Etzel (the National Military, Organization), underground military/terrorist arm of the Revisionist movement during the British mandate; commanded by Menachem Begin.

Jabotinsky, Vladimir (Ze'ev)-Founder of Revisionist Zionism; mentor of Menachem Begin.

Kach-Fundamentalist political organization headed by Rabbi Meir Kahane, emphasizes the expulsion of Arabs from the entire Land of Israel.

Kasher, Menachem-Rabbi; religious scholar; author of The Great Period; known in fundamentalist circles for his identification and detailed analysis of contemporary period as that of the redemption.

Katzover, Beni-Founding member of Gush Emunim; participant in Sebastia settlement; leader of the Nablus area settlers; Tehiya activist; religious.

Kiryat Arba-Largest Jewish settlement in the West Bank; overlooks Hebron.

Knesset-Israel's Parliament.

Kook, Abraham Isaac-First chief rabbi of Palestine (1921-1935); originator of theories of religious Zionism that form the ideological basis of contemporary Jewish fundamentalism.

Kook, Tzvi Yehuda-Rabbi; son of Abraham Isaac Kook; leader and charismatic guide of Gush Emunim activists; director of Merkaz HaRav until his death in 1982.

Lehi-Freedom Fighters for Israel; also known as the Stern Gang, for its leader; Abraham (Yair) Stern; terrorist underground group specializing in assassination during the British mandate; split from the Irgun.

Levinger, Mosh-Rabbi; a founder of Gush Emunim and, along with his wife Miriam, of Jewish settlement in Hebron.

Machteret-Underground; Jewish terrorist groups associated with fundamentalist movement uncovered in 1984.

Matzad-Religious Zionist movement; founded by Haim Druckman after his departure in 1982 from the National Religious Party; formerly a component of Morasha now a faction of the National Religious Party.

Merkaz HaRav-The Rabbi's Center; the Jerusalem yeshiva founded by Rav Abraham Isaac Kook; subsequently led by his son, Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook; center for the development of Jewish fundamentalist thinking.

Mitzvah-A religious commandment within the halacha.

Morasha-Political party founded in 1984 by Haim Druckman combining religiosity with ultranationalism; composed of Matzad and the ultra-Orthodox party Poalei Agudat Yisrael (Pagi).

Neeman, Yuval-Israel's leading nuclear physicist; secular ultranationalist; a founder and the leader of Tehiya; former cabinet minister; presently a member of Knesset.

Nekuda-(Point); the monthly journal of Yesha; internal ideological journal and news magazine of Gush Emunim; began publishing in 1979.

Orot-Lights; multivolume work of Rav Abraham Isaac Kook; mystical presentation of his religious Zionism; also the name of a short-lived political movement established by Hanan Porat in 1984.

Pikuach nefesh-Principle of preserving life rather than observing the halacha.

Porat, Hanan-Rabbi; Charismatic founding member of Gush Emunim; veteran settler of Kibbutz Gush Etzion; religious, mystical orientation.

Sabbatianism-Reckless faith in a false messiah; derived from belief in seventeenth century of messiahship of Shabbatai Zevi.

Sebastia-Biblical site near Nablus; location of the first successful attempt by Gush Emunim to establish an illegal settlement (1974).

Shechem-Biblical name of Nablus, largest city on the West Bank after East Jerusalem.

Tehiya-Political party founded in 1979 by Gush Emunim activists; composed of secular and religious fundamentalists; led by Yuval Neeman.

Torah-The Pentateuch; more broadly, Jewish religious law.

Tzomet-Movement for Zionist Renewal; founded after the Lebanon War by former Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan; merged with Tehiya in 1984; left Tehiya in 1987.

Waldman, Eleazar-Rabbi; head of yeshiva in Kiryat Arba; elected to the Knesset on the Tehiya list.

Yamit-District of northeastern Sinai, including a city ~f the same name. before its evacuation by Israel in April 1982, inhabited by 5,000 Israeli settlers.

Yesha-Hebrew acronym for Judea, Samaria, and Gaza; also the name of the Association for Jewish Local Councils in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza District; the Hebrew yeshua means "salvation."

Yishuv-The portion of the Jewish people residing, at any one time, in the Land of Israel.

For the Land and the Lord