Graduate Student Seminar Series: Contextualizing Kinship Care

January 31, 2018

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy Classroom
Fisher Fine Arts Library, 3rd floor
220 S 34th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Graduate Student Seminar Series: Graduate Student Seminar Series: Contextualizing Kinship Care: Child Welfare, Child Well-Being, and the Policies and Contextual Factors which Impact the Provision of Care
Student presenter: Bethany Watson, Psychology

This talk will focus on comparing kinship foster care, in which children are placed with relatives, to traditional foster care, in which children are placed with certified foster parents who were previously unknown to the child. These two types of placements are compared in terms of both psychological outcomes, such emotional and behavioral health problems, and service delivery outcomes, such as placement disruption and service utilization. These patterns of findings are examined and further contextualized through a review of additional considerations that may differentially impact the provision of care, including the legislative history of kinship caregiving, caregiver demographics, current policy and its impact on caregiving, and caregiver-centered outcomes. Policy recommendations for how to optimize the out-of-home care experience for children placed in foster care, drawing from the synthesis of empirical findings and contextual factors, and implications for practice and research are presented alongside methodological concerns that limit the scope of these findings.

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