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Editors from five popular political science journals, American Political Science Review (APSR), Comparative Political Studies (CPS), World Politics (WP), Political Behavior (PB) and International Studies Quarterly (ISQ), performed internal audits to assess gender bias in the review process, finding that women submit at much lower rates but are more likely to be reviewed, suggesting that women's submissions may be of higher average quality. 

Assistant professor Dawn Teele spoke with Insider Higher Ed about collaboration and methodology in political science. She urged fellow scholars to “Bring women into labs and put them on papers,” as one way of overcoming women's under-representation in major journals. 

Julia Lynch has been selected as co-recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Mentoring Award from the APSA Public Policy section. 

Guy Grossman's paper with Kristin Michelitch (Vanderbilt University), "Information Dissemination, Competitive Pressure, and Politician Performance between Elections:  A Field Experiment in Uganda,” has been selected by the APSA Organized Section in Experimental Research as the best paper presented at the 2017 APSA meetings. 

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