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Penn News recently profiled Joyce Kim, a rising senior majoring in Political Science, and her efforts to spur intercultural dialogue across campus and halfway around the world in North and South Korea.

In The Philadelphia Inquirer, Emeritus Professor Jack Nagel advocates making the Pennsylvania legislature a unicameral system and electing legislators by a new method.

Evan Perkoski, a Ph.D. Candididate in International Relations, and co-author Alec Worsop wrote about ISIS in Iraq in the "Political Violence at a Glance" blog.

Sound Politicks, the official Undergraduate Journal of Political Science in the department, published its edition for the 2013-2014 academic year. 

Professor Brendan O'Leary has been awarded the Juan Linz Prize by the International Political Science Assocation. The purpose of the prize is to "Honour a prominent scholar engaged in Decentralization, Multinational and Multiethnic Integration and Federalism Comparative Research."

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