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The department’s Political Science Workshops, which intend to bring energetic scholars engaged in substantively interesting and methodologically varied projects in the fields of comparative politics, American politics, political theory and international politics to a Penn audience, are ready to begin for the new academic year. 

Paul Starr reviewed David Karpf's book The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy in the latest edition of The New Republic. 

In an audio interview, Matt Levendusky, Assistant Professor of Political Science, provides SAS Frontiers with political insight on the factors influencing voters’ decisions in the 2012 election season.

In an audio interview, John Lapinski, Associate Professor of Political Science and senior analyst at MSNBC takes SAS Frontiers behind the scenes of election calling. 

Political Science major Autumn Patterson has been awarded the Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship from the United States Department of State.  This fellowship provides funding to recipients as they are prepared academically and professionally to enter the Foreign Service. 

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