Dawn Teele

Janice and Julian Bers Assistant Professor
203 Stiteler

Dawn Teele holds a B.A. in Economics from Reed College, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Yale University. Prior to joining the faculty at Penn she was a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics. She is the recipient of the Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for the study of women in politics and was a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. Her research has been funded by the World Bank, the Sloane Foundation, and the National Science Foundation.

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Geographic focus: 

Western Europe and the United States. 

Primary interests: 

Women and politics specifically related the causes and consequences of voting rights reform; candidate socialization, recruitment, and election; incumbency and gender; democratization and economic development; methodology and field experiments.    

Recent publications: 

"Are You My Mentor? A Field Experiment on Gender, Ethnicity, and Political Self Starters" (with Joshua Kalla and Frances Rosenbluth), Journal of Politics, 2018

"Gender in Journals: Methodology, Coauthorship, and Publication Patter in Political Sciences Flagship Journals" (with Kathleen Telen), PS: Political Sciences & Politics, 2017

"Ordinary Democratization: the Electoral Strategy that Won British Women the Vote", Politics & Society, 2014. 

"Reflections on the Ethics of Field Experiments" in Field Experiments and Their Critics, 2014.

University of Pennsylvania
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Phone: (215) 898-7641

Anne Norton Chair
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