Martin Theodore Orne

Book Reviews

(Listed in Chronological Order)


Orne, M.T. A book review of Dr. H.E. Hammerschlag, Hypnotism and crime. In Journal of Criminal Law, Criminology and Police Science, 1958, 48(5), 545.

Orne, M.T. A book review of P.J. Reiter, Antisocial or criminal acts and hypnosis: A case study. In Intertnational Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 1960, 8, 131-134.

Orne, M.T., & O'Connell, D.N. A book review of R. Reiff and M. Scheerer, Memory and hypnotic age regression: Developmental aspects of cognitive function explored through hypnosis. In Contemporary Psychology, 1961, 6, 70-72.

Orne, M.T. A book review of M.M. Gill and M. Brenman, Hypnosis and related states, psychoanalytic studies in regression. In Psychosomatic Medicine, 1962, 24, 317-318.

Orne, M.T. A book review of W. Moodie, Hypnosis in treatment. In Psychosomatic Medicine, 1965, 27, 582-583.