Publications and Recent Presentations

A call for more clarity around causality in neuroscience

Barack DL, Miller EK, Moore CI, Packer AM, Pessoa L, Ross LN, Rust NC (2022)
Trends in Neurosciences

Identifying objects and remembering images: Insights from deep neural networks

Rust NC, Jannuzi BGL (2022)
Current Directions in Psychological Science

Ritalin as a causal perturbation

Hacker CM, Rust NC (2021)
Trends in cognitive sciences

Remembering the past to see the future

Rust NC, Palmer SE (2021)
Annual Review of Vision Science

Pinpointing the neural signatures of single-exposure visual recognition memory

Mehrpour V, Meyer T, Simoncelli EP, Rust NC (2021)

Understanding image memorability

Rust NC, Mehrpour V (2020)
Trends In Cognitive Sciences

The Citation Diversity Statement: A practice of transparency, a way of life

Zurn P, Bassett DS, Rust NC (2020)
Trends In Cognitive Sciences

Population response magnitude variation in inferotemporal cortex predicts image memorability

Jaegle A, Mehrpour V, Mohsenzadeh Y, Meyer T, Oliva A, Rust NC (2019)

Visual novelty, curiosity, and intrinsic reward in machine learning and the brain

Jaegle A, Mehrpour V, Rust NC (2019)
Current Opinion in Neurobiology

The integration of visual and target signals in V4 and IT during visual object search

Roth N, Rust NC (2019)
Journal of Neurophysiology

Rethinking assumptions about how trial and nuisance variability impact neural task performance in a fast-processing regime

Roth N, Rust NC (2019)
Journal of Neurophysiology

Inferotemporal cortex multiplexes behaviorally-relevant target match signals and visual representations in a manner that minimizes their interference

Roth N, Rust NC (2018)

Single-exposure visual memory judgments are reflected in IT cortex

Meyer T, Rust NC (2018)

Do rats see like we see?

Rust NC (2017)

Neural Quadratic Discriminant Analysis: Nonlinear decoding
with V1-like computation

Pagan M, Simoncelli EP, Rust NC (2016)
Neural Computation

Population representations: implicit, explicit, and invariant

Rust NC
The Cognitive Neurosciences

Quantifying the signals contained in heterogeneous neural
responses and determining their relationships with task

Pagan M, Rust NC
Journal of Neurophysiology

Dynamic target match signals in perirhinal cortex can be
explained by instantaneous computations that act
on dynamic input from inferotemporal cortex

Pagan M, Rust NC (2014)
Journal of Neuroscience

Signals in inferotemporal and perirhinal cortex suggest
an “untangling” of visual target information

Pagan M, Urban LS, Wohl MP, Rust NC
Nature Neuroscience

How does the brain solve visual object recognition?

DiCarlo JJ, Zoccolan D, Rust NC

Balanced increases in selectivity and tolerance produce
constant sparseness along the ventral visual stream

Rust NC, DiCarlo JJ
Journal of Neuroscience

Dissociation of neuronal and psychophysical responses
to local and global motion

Hedges JH, Gartshteyn Y, Kohn A, Rust NC, Shadlen MN, Newsome WT, Movshon JA
Current Biology

Ambiguity and invariance: two fundamental challenges
for visual processing

Rust NC, Stocker AA
Current Opinion in Neurobiology

Selectivity and tolerance (“invariance”) both increase as
visual information propagates from V4 to IT

Rust NC, DiCarlo JJ
Journal of Neuroscience

How MT cells analyze the motion of visual patterns

Rust NC, Mante V, Simoncelli EP, Movshon JA
Nature Neuroscience

Spike-triggered neural characterization

Schwartz O, Pillow JP, Rust NC, Simoncelli EP
Journal of Vision

In praise of artifice

Rust NC, Movshon JA
Nature Neuroscience

Spatiotemporal elements of macaque V1 receptive fields

Rust NC, Schwartz O, Movshon JA, Simoncelli EP

Do we know what the early visual system does?

Carandini M, Demb JB, Mante V, Tolhurst DJ, Dan Y, Olshausen BA, Gallant JL, Rust NC
Journal of Neuroscience

Analyzing neural responses to natural signals: Maximally
informative dimensions

Sharpee T, Rust NC, Bialek W
Neural Computation

A reciprocal relationship between reliability and responsiveness
in developing cortical neurons

Rust NC, Schultz SR, Movshon JA
Journal of Neuroscience