Diomedes Saldana-Greco

Diomedes Saldana-Greco
PhD Candidate

Room 141F
Department of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania
231 South 34th street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323, USA
Phone: (215) 898-0224
E-mail:dsald  (at)  sas.upenn.edu


Education and Awards

2006-2010 University of Richmond

2010-present University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

My current research interests and projects are focused on the implementation of theory and quantum-mechanical modeling to study the reactivity and catalytic properties of thermodynamically stable oxide surfaces and to design materials with enhanced control over the coupling of structural and electronic phase transitions. Also, my research employs molecular dynamics to understand the behavior in the dielectric responses of relaxor ferroelectric materials.

Nerdy Moments

Favorite Scientific Journal: Physical Review Letters
Favorite Clusters for Simulations: Kilrain
Favorite Hero:Batman