David (Jin Soo) Lim

David (Jin Soo) Lim
Undergraduate Student

Department of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania
231 South 34th street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323, USA
E-mail:  limmaestro  (at)  gmail.com


Education and Awards

2008 Eaglebrook School
2012 Phillips Academy Andover
2016 (expected) B.A. Chemistry, B.S.E. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE),
University of Pennsylvania
Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER)

Research Interests

I am working on a project to simulate the electronic structure of perovskite-derived AMn7O12 compounds to better understand the charge-ordering (CO) phenomenon and the consequent changes in the electrical resistivity. In particular, I'm focusing on how varying the compound composition can possibly strengthen the charge-ordering at higher temperatures so that electrical signals can be better controlled thermally for applications in computing industry.

Nerdy Moments

Favorite hobby: playing the piano, listening to music
Favorite popular music genre: pop punk, post-hardcore, indie pop
Favorite sports: fencing
Favorite movie: Hangover
Favorite author: Murakami
Favorite philosopher: Camus