Fenggong Wang

Fenggong Wang
Postdoctoral Associate

Room 263A
Department of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania
231 South 34th street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323, USA
Phone: (215) 898-5024
E-mail:fenggong  (at)  sas.upenn.edu


Education and Awards

2005-2010 Ph.D in Condensed Matter PhysicsShandong University, China
Dissertation: Magnetic and Related Properties of Oxides and Small Organic Molecules by First Principles Supervised by Prof. Shenghao Han
2001-2005 B. Sc in Physics Shandong University, China
2010-2012Postdoctoral Researcher Advisor: Prof. C. Di Valentin
Dipartimento di Scienza dei Materiali, Universita di Milano-Bicocca
Via Cozzi 53 20125 Milano, Italy
2012-presentPostdoctoral Researcher Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Prof. Andrew M. Rappe

Research Interests

Right now I am mainly working on the bulk photovoltaic effect of oxides solid solutions, with the aim of finding materials with both large shift current and low band gap. The effect of different cation orderings as well as defects on the photovoltaic effect is being studied. Other photo-induced effects, eg., the size change in multiferroic materials are also part of my work which are closely related with the photocurrent project. In addition, I am also working the intriguing properties of oxide heterostructures and the photocatalytic properties of oxide solid solutions.

    1. Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors/Oxides
    2. Magnetism in Transition Metal Doped Small Organic Molecules
    3. Defect Physics in Semiconductors/Oxides
    4. Photocatalytic Water Splitting; Surface Physics/Chemistry
    5. Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in Oxides

Nerdy Moments

Favorite Scientific Journals:Nature Materials; Physical Review Letters
Favorite clusters: Chugach; Garnet; Hopper
Favorite Episodes: Friends