Campbell Grey

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Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
Contact Information
Office Address: 
262 Cohen Hall
(215) 898-6941
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Ph.D. (Classics), St John's College, Cambridge (2002)
M.Phil. (Ancient History), University of Sydney (1997)
B.A. (Ancient History and Archaeology), University of Auckland (1994)

Research and Teaching Interests: 
  • Roman social, economic, agrarian and legal history, particularly in the late antique period
  • Non-elite and marginal populations, especially in rural contexts
  • Interactions between human populations and their physical environments
  • Legacies of ancient Rome in American cultural, political, and intellectual discourses
Selected Publications: 

Constructing Communities in the Late Roman Countryside, Cambridge University Press (2011).

"Slavery in the Late Roman World", in K. Bradley and P. Cartledge, eds., The Cambridge World History of Slavery: The Ancient Mediterranean World, Cambridge University Press (2011), 482–509.

"Civil War? What Civil War? Usurpers in the Historia Augusta", in C. Damon, B. Breed and A. Rossi, eds., Citizens of Discord: Rome and its Civil Wars, Oxford University Press (2010), 87–101.

"Contextualizing Colonatus: The Origo of the Late Roman Empire," JRS 97 (2007) 155-175.

Work in Progress: 

"Modeling Mobility: Wall Stones as Proxies for Movement around a Roman Landscape in Tuscany", (co-authored with J. Mathieu, A. Arnoldus-Huyzendfeld, A. Pattachini, and M. Ghisleni).

Recent Courses: 

(Undergraduate) Ancient Rome; Structures of the Roman Empire; Disasters in the Ancient Mediterranean World

(Graduate) Problems in Roman History; Roman Law; Ancient Economies