Simon Richter

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Professor of German
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743 Williams Hall
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on leave Fall 2011 and Spring 2012

Simon Richter is Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures and member of the Graduate Groups in Comparative Literature and Religious Studies and affiliated with the Programs in Cinema Studies and Women’s Studies.

Research and Teaching Interests: 

Richter specializes in gender studies and the history and theory of the body, especially in relation to the eighteenth century. Other interests include cultural studies, cinema studies, and Dutch literature and culture.

Selected Publications: 

Missing the Breast: Gender, Fantasy and the Body in the German Enlightenment

Laocoon's Body and the Aesthetics of Pain.

Unwrapping Goethe's Weimar: Essays in Cultural Studies and Local Knowledge (co-edited with Susanne Kord and Burkhard Henke), 1999.

The Literature of Weimar Classicism, volume seven of the Camden House History of German Literature (2005).

He has published articles in the areas of history of medicine, gay and lesbian studies, aesthetics, opera and literature, the process of digestion, German foodways, cinema studies, cultural studies and on authors such as Sophie von La Roche, Theresa Huber, Winckelmann, Lessing, Heinse, Eichendorff, Hegel, Max Frisch, Goethe, Moritz, Büchner, Schiller, Habermas, and Sophie Mereau.

Recent Courses: 
  • GRMN 001, “Water Worlds: From Noah to New Orleans,”
  • GRMN 257, "Nazi Cinema,"
  • GRMN 256, "The Devil's Pact in Literature, Music & Film,"
  • GRMN 550: “The German Connection: Hollywood and Berlin,
  • GRMN 630: “Religion, Literature, and the Bible in the German Enlightenment.”