Religion and the Global Future - New Spring 2019 Course

New and One Time Only Course
Religious Studies 137
Spring Semester 2019
Tuesdays 1:30-3:30
Religion and the Global Future
Instructors: Steven Weitzman and Marie Harf

What role is religion playing in shaping the future of the globe? Is it making the world more or less dangerous? Can it help humanity address challenges like international conflict, climate change, inequality, and poverty, or is it making those problems worse? Does religion impact public policy in its decision making on global affairs?
The goal of this course is to explore these questions in conversation with a Penn Religious Studies professor, and a former spokesperson for the State Department and special advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry. Each week, the two course instructors and students will be joined by a range of leading scholars of race, gender, religion, human rights, the environment and national security, alongside multiple public policy experts from across the country.
The course has no prerequisites but preference in enrollment will be given to Religious Studies students.
For more information, contact Professor Steven Weitzman at or graduate student assistant Gabriel Raeburn at

The course is accompanied by a guest lecture series open to the university community. For more information about the series, please see the attached flier.

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