RELS610 - MLA Proseminar: Religion in Public Life

This seminar is an introduction to six of the most debated areas involving religion in public life: diversity in American religions; church-state relations and the Constitution; issues in specific eastern and western religions; religious dimensions of contemporary ethical and social debates (abortion, euthanasia, minority and gender roles); religious symbolism in the public sphere; and the prevailing understandings of religion in the media and modern society. Teachers, school administrators, journalists, public policy specialists, social workers, lawyers, and health care professionals all encounter situations in which the religious sensitivities of "clients" (students, parents, readers, etc.) affect the ways in which they discharge their duties. This seminar serves as an introduction to the Religion in Public Life concentration within the Master of Liberal Arts Program, which is designed to provide professionals with an understanding of the many historical, social and legal issues that complicate discussions of religion in public situations.
Section 640 - SEM