RELS241 - Charity and Piety in Judaism and Islam

The course will concentrate on social, literary and religious manifestations ofMedieval Judaism and Islam. Special emphasis will be given to charity as a concand institution. Charity as such offers a promising way to understand a given cand the changes it undergoes. It is also offering a valuable perspective from wview historical change and intercultural encounters. A comparative approach wiladopted, the assumption being that while charity displays many common features Judaism and Islam, the similarities do not mean to deny the uniqueness of the cof piety and charity and their various manifestations in each of these monotheicultures. Dr. Miriam Frenkel is a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, teaching medieval Jewish history in the lands of Islam. She is a Geniza researcand specializes in the cultural encounters between Judaism and Islam. Her Hebrebook, The compassionate and Benevolent; The Leading Elite in the Jewish Community of Alexandria in the Middle Ages, 2006, won the Shazar prize .Anotherbook edited by her and by Haggai Ben Shammai, The Jewish Medieval Library; Booklists from the Cairo Geniza, 2006, won the Association of Jewish Libraries,Division Bibliography Award. She also co edited a book together with Yaacov Levon Charity and Giving in Monotheistic Religions, 2009.
Section 401 - SEM
M 0330PM-0630PM