RELS523 - Packaging Jewish Knowledge

Topic for Fall 2011:Packaging Jewish Knowledge The course aims at sensitizing students to the disparate ways in which units of Jewish knowledge have been transmitted (e.g., oral vs. written), structured (e.g., code vs. commentary), and materially produced (e.g., scroll vs. codex). What are the social and cultural meanings of these variables of packaging, whether intended or unintended? Why do certain forms -- and their related "rules" -- emerge in a particular time and place? How do anticipated uses shape the mediation of knowledge, and how do the variables of transmission affect cultural content? Primary sources include readings from ancient, medieval and early modern Jewishtexts. Students must be able to read unvocalized Hebrew. Open to undergraduates only with the instructor's permission.
Section 401 - SEM
T 0130PM-0430PM