This course will examine films by and about Native Americans. From the very beginnings of film history, Native Americans have been a centrally important subject. While much of the writing about Native American films tends to focus on the perpetuation of stereotypes, this class will concentrate on four primarythemes: 1) the role that film plays in helping the audience to understand the exceedingly complex place of indigenous people in "American" identity (with "American" signifying, in this instance, a hemispheric sense of identity); 2) the myriad of ways that indigenous people have been involved in the history of film as extras, actors, directors, producers; 3) how representations changed when Native Americans took control of production; 4) the ways in which films byand about Native Americans have helped to heal the historical trauma resulting from the "Indian Wars" that have gone on for 500+ years on the North American continent.
Section 401 - SEM