Hsiao-Wen Cheng

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Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages & Civilizations

Ph.D., History, University of Washington, Seattle
M.A., Chinese Language and Literature, National Taiwan University
B.A., Chinese Language and Literature, National Taiwan University

Research and Teaching Interests: 

Gender & Sexuality in Chinese History
Chinese Religions
Chinese Medical History
Premodern Chinese Anecdotal Writing
Song Dynasty (960-1276)

Selected Publications: 

“What Was Good Writing (or Reading) in Eleventh-Century China? Rethinking Guwen and Its Relation to Daoxue.” Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, forthcoming.

“Authority or Alternative? Rethinking Gender and the Circulation of Medical Knowledge in Song China, 960-1279.” Gender Forum: An Internet Platform for Gender and Women’s Studies, 24 (2009). Cologne, Germany: English Department, University of Cologne. http://www.genderforum.org/issues/apparatus-xy/authority-or-alternative/

Work in Progress: 

Manless Women: Medicine, Celibacy, and Female Sexuality in Medieval China

Sexual Anomalies and the Temporality of Norms in Medieval China

Recent Courses: 

East Asian Religions
Gender and Religion in China
Medicine and Healing in China
Daoist Traditions
Han-Song Medical Texts
Song Dynasty Texts