Teren Sevea

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Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles

Research and Teaching Interests: 

Religion in Modern South and Southeast Asia
History of Modern South Asia
History of Modern Southeast Asia
Islamic Connections in the Indian Ocean
Sufism in Early Modern and Modern South Asia

Selected Publications: 

Islamic Connections: Muslim Societies in South and Southeast Asia(edited with Michael Feener), Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2009.

"Sex to the Next-World: Esoteric Science for the Penis-bearing Mualaa inShi'ism in South East Asia. 'Alid Piety and Secration Constructions, Michael Feener and Chiara Formaichi, eds, London: Hurst, forthcoming.

‘Making Medinas in the East: Islamist Connections and Progressive Islam,’ Islamic Connections: Studies of Muslim South and Southeast Asia, Feener and Sevea, eds., Singapore: ISEAS, 2009.

‘Islamist Intellectual Space: 'True Islam' and the Ummah in the East,’ Asian Journal of Social Science, Volume 35, Numbers 4-5, 2007, pp. 575-607.

‘Islamist Questioning of Colonialism: Towards an Understanding of the Islamist Oeuvre,’ Third World Quarterly, Volume 28, Issue 7, 2007, pp. 1375-1399.