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Phillip Fackler has completed a M.A. (with honors) from the Graduate Theological Union and is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently completing a dissertation entitled “Forging Christian Identity: Christians and Jews in Pseudo-Ignatius.” His research interests include the construction of Jewish and Christian identity, the reception of early Christian texts, and the material culture of “religion” in Late Antiquity. Phillip has taught in the areas of Ancient History, Medieval History, Critical Writing, and Religious Studies. His article "Adversus Adversus Iudaeos? Countering Christian anti-Jewish Polemics in the Gospel of Nicodemus" was published in the Journal of Early Christian Studies (23.3, 2015). He also contributed to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception. Phillip was the 2013-14 Boardman Fellow and a 2014-2015 Critical Writing Teaching Fellow.

Selected Publications: 

Adversus Adversus Iudaeos? Countering Christian anti-Jewish Polemics in the Gospel of Nicodemus, Journal of Early Christian Studies 23.3 (2015): 413–444.