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Alex Ramos earned a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2008, an MTS in New Testament/Early Christianity from Harvard Divinity School in 2011, and his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017.

Research and Teaching Interests: 

His dissertation, entitled “Torah, Temple, and Transaction: Jewish Religious Institutions and Economic Behavior in Early Roman Galilee,” considered the effects that adherence to laws of the Mosaic covenant would have had in defining economic rationality and guiding economic decision making in first-century CE Galilean households. His areas of interested include such wide-ranging topics as Second-Temple Jewish literature, Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, social and economic history of the broader Mediterranean, Greek and Roman temples and sanctuaries, archaeology, and papyrology.

Other Professional Activity: 

Alex currently works as a freelance copyeditor (and proofreader and indexer) for academic publications, under contract with both academic presses and individual authors. Most recently, he has been working for the Society of Biblical Literature press on manuscripts on a wide range of subjects from ancient to contemporary. In addition to his academic pursuits, Alex is also an artist painting a range of subjects in acrylic.

Envisioning Judaism: Studies in Honor of Peter Schäfer on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
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