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Virginia Wayland's completed dissertation "Following Moses: An Inquiry into the Prophetic Discourse of the First Century C. E." (2017) engages prophets and prophecy as a field for negotiation of authority and knowledge within Judaism of the first century C.E.  She returns to an interest in the role of religion in the ideological construction of geographically dispersed communities (B.A. Clark University, 1978) following fourteen years teaching Chemistry (Widener University 1990-2004; PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1989) and a M.A.R. in Biblical Studies from Westminster Theological Seminary (2002).  She currently seeks a teaching position engaging students in comparative studies of the role of traditional narratives in ancient and modern social discourses of authority and knowledge.  Her particular focus is on the shaping and reshaping of historical narratives through various media as means of imagining and negotiating expertise and authority for the future.

Research and Teaching Interests: 

Virginia has taught Christian Origins (Summer 2008) and History of Jewish Civilization I (with Natalie Dohrmann - Spring 2009) at the University of Pennsylvania. She was co-chair for the Graduate Student Colloquium Jewish Networks at the University of Pennsylvania (May 2013) and the Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins (PSCO) 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.  Her conference presentations include: " Aaron:  Prophet of Moses, Priest of God (Exod 4:14-16) and Deut 18:18"  (Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting,  AAR/SBL, March 5-6, 2015).  "'Mouth to Mouth' and 'Face to Face':  Is There Really Another Prophet Like Moses?" Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting,  AAR/SBL, Newburgh, N.Y.,  March 7-9, 2014);  “History as Paideia in Philo of Alexandria’s Life of Moses,” (Hellenistic Judaism Section, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Md.; November 2013).  “Digital Databases for the Languages of Ancient Judaism,”  (Graduate Student Colloquium for Jewish Studies: Jewish Networks, University of Pennsylvania, May 2013).  "Christianizing Jewish Scriptures:  Reception of the Pentateuch as History in 1 Clement," (Biblical Reception History Section, Society of Biblical Literature Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, Baltimore, Md., March 2013).  “Following Paul, Following Moses,” in The Christian Moses: From Philo to the Qur'an, (Center for the Study of Early Christianity, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., June 2012), forthcoming in a book of the same title from Catholic University Press edited by Philip Rousseau and Janet A. Timbie.