Archaeology in the Community

We enjoy positive ties with the Commune di Cinigiano, which has been a partner of the project since its beginnings, providing use of equipment, laboratory and storage space, and logistical assistance. This winter, we will hold a half-day long seminar, when members of the team present the results to the public and receive input on how the project might benefit the community. This year, we will begin a lecture series in the local schools, educating students about the principles of archaeology and their own, rural Roman heritage. In the spring, we hold "Una Giornata di Archeologia," Archaeology Day, when students from the village are invited to the site to assist with the work, ask questions and dine with the group afterwards. Finally, again in cooperation with the Comune, the Project is planning a small, portable exhibit: because the sites are backfilled immediately after excavation and can't be visited by villagers, the Project will display photographs, plans and exemplary finds from each season. We also employ the services of INKLINK, Italy's innovative archaeological site artists, to produce color reconstructions of each site as it might have been used by these villagers distance ancestors.

Our excavation team is also built around the principles of community and family. The project is staffed by equal numbers of Italian- and American-based students, who live and work together. Members of the Comune of Cinigiano have also excavated with us. The result is a truly international team, committed to learning from one another. Additionally, all of the team leaders have young children, who reside in Cinigiano during the season, and teach us all the finer principles of micro-stratigraphy and soil science.