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Unique Scholarship Program Celebrates Tenth Year

The Bread Upon the Waters Scholarship Fund is a one-of-a-kind program, specifically designed for women over 30 who wish to complete an undergraduate degree through part-time study at the University of Pennsylvania's College of General Studies. To be eligible, applicants must be accepted into CGS as a candidate for an associate's or bachelor's degree and require scholarship aid. The scholarship gives each student five courses a year for as long as it takes to complete her degree. In return, recipients pledge to help others by contributing to the fund when they are financially able.

The Bread program is unique to Penn and, since its establishment in 1986, has supported 43 women. Women who traditionally would not have considered Penn because of the tuition -- single moms, mature women who have raised families, working women in a struggling two-income home -- can realize their dream of a top-notch education with support from the Bread fund. This year, the program will support 25 women at various stages of their studies. Among them is a mother who put her education on hold while she raised her children and now, at 44, wants to train to become a teacher; a single woman (expected to marry and have children) who will use her education to establish her independence; and a divorcee who, despite financial pressures, is determined to get her degree.
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The Scholarship Fund was initiated ten years ago by Elin Danien who, after a wide-ranging career, went back to school at age 46. Upon her graduation seven years later, Danien gave the first $1,000 to establish the Bread Upon the Waters Scholarship Fund. On its 10th anniversary in 1997, with 25 women receiving support, the Bread Upon the Waters Fund can be considered a true success. For more information call (215) 898-6940.

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