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Penn Arts & Sciences Magazine - Spring 2006

Penn Arts & Sciences Winter 2006


Say No, and No, Until You Have to Say Yes
Art History Professor Pieces Together
Evidence for a New Understanding
of Ancient Ruins
by Sue Rardin

Listen Up, Washington
Political Scientist Says Government
Can't Fix 21st-Century Problems
with 20th-Century Tools
by Larry Teitelbaum

Here We Grow Again
SAS Welcomes New Teaching
and Learning Spaces
by Joseph McLaughlin

Exploring the Tiniest of Science Frontiers
Physicist Sculpts with Atoms
to Build Electronic Devices
by Patricia McAdams

Web Journalist Covers
All the News That Made It to Print
by Caroline Tiger


The Enemy in the Hills
Graduate Student Works to
Make Sense of War Experience

The Middle East from the Inside Out
Pakistani Filmmaker Captures his Homeland



Dean’s Column

SAS JournalCampus News
Judging at Sundance
Kissing the College Goodbye
Book in America
Dean's Forum Visitors
Community in Crisis

SAS Frontiers Faculty Research
A Great Find
Art of Change
Gene Machine

With ClassTeaching and Learning
Into Africa

SAS PartnershipsAdvancing Our Mission
Keeping Distinguished Company
Partners: Conservation Partners
At Your Discretion

Last Word
Packing in the Pasta
by Alyssa Rosenzweig

Last Look
Time to Turn Back and Descend the Stair

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Updated February 7, 2006