Spring 1996 Recent Publications

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Chertok, Harvey (G'59): Israeli Preoccupations. Fordham University Press.

Cohen, Richard E. (C'44): The Physics Quick Reference Guide. American Institute of Physics Press.

Davie, Jody Shapiro (G'92): Women in the Presence: Constructing Community and Seeking Spirituality in Mainline Protestantism. University of Pennsylvania Press.

Egan, Jennifer (C'85): The Invisible Circus. Doubleday.

Fein, Richard (C'68): 101 Dynamite Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview. Impact Press.

Gibson, Elizabeth (C'73): The Daisy Ring. Lion Publishing.

Hawley, John C. (GR'85): Cross-Addressing: Resistance Literature and Cultural Borders. State University of New York Press. Writing the Nation: Self and Country in the Post-Colonial Imagination. Rodopi Press.

Herrmann, Frederick M. (C'69): Cogel Campaign Financing and Lobbying Bibliography, rev. ed. Council on Governmental Ethics Laws.

Kafka, Randy Robinson (C'80): Bloom Where You Are Planted. Swift River Publishing.

Katz, Richard (C'70): Skating Unrinked. HarperCollins.

Kindleberger, Charles P. (C'32, Hon. 84): The World Economy and National Finance in Historical Perspective. University of Michigan Press. World Economic Primacy, 1500-1990. Oxford University Press.

Kohn, George C. (C'63): Editor of the Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence. Facts on File.

Lalli, Judy (CW'70): Make Someone Smile and 40 More Ways to Be a Peaceful Person. Free Spirit Publishing Inc.

Lavapies, Stephen (C'81): Sports Imitated: The Swimsuit Issue Parody. Berkley Publishing Group.

Lazarus, Lawrence (C'63): Co-editor with Joal Sadavoy and Lissy Jarvik of Comprehensive Review of Geriatric Psychiatry II. American Psychiatric Press.

Levin, Lester (C'50): An Investigative Approach to Industrial Hygiene: Sleuth at Work. Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Pennybacker, Susan D. (G'77): A Vision for London, 1889-1914. Routledge.

Robbins, Ira P. (C'70): Prisoners and the Law; Habeas Corpus Checklists. Clark Boardman Callaghan.

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Sobal, Jeffery (GR'78): Co-edtor with Donna Maurer of Eating Agendas: Food and Nutrition as Social Problems. Aldine de Gruyter.

Tartwijk-Novey, Louise B. van (C'83): The European House of Cards. Macmillan-St. Martin's Press.

Turner, Michael (C'95): Performance Measurement of Municipal Services: How Are America's Cities Measuring Up? Pennsylvania Economy League.

Wattenmaker, Richard (C'63): Maurice Prendergast. Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Weylen, Stephen M. (C'74): The Jews in the Time of Jesus. Paulist Press. The Book of the Jewish Year. UAHC Press.

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