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Baltagi, Badi H. (Gr’79).
(editor) A Companion to Theoretical Econometrics. Blackwell Publishers. Editor with Fomby, Thomas and Hill, R. Carter. Nonstationary Panels, Cointegration in Panels and Dynamic Panels. Elsevier Science.

Gefter, William (C'35, M'39).Quality Living in the Semicircle of Life. Rutledge Books

Goldberger, Avriel H. (CW’49). (translator) Ten Years of Exile by Madame de Staël. Northern Illinois University Press.

Herrmann, Keith (C’82). Visualizing You Business: Let Graphics Tell the Story. John Wiley & Sons.

Jaffe, Eugene (Gr’66) and Nebenzahl, Isreal. National Image and Competitive Advantage: The Theory and Practice of Country-of-Origin Effect. Copenhagen Business School Press.

Kern, Kathi (Gr’91). Mrs. Stanton’s Bible. Cornell University Press.

Reeves, David M. (C’71). Piano Music of the Unknown Impressionists. (music CD) Fleur de Son Classics, Ltd.

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