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"Biotech Horizons: Looking into the Future of Biotechnology" at the NY Penn Club

Three professors from the SAS Department of Biology will discuss their latest research and its implications for medical and environmental opportunities in biotechnology on Monday, September 16, at 6:00 p.m., at the New York Penn Club, 30 West 44th Street. Conservation biologist Daniel Janzen will discuss his work on biodiversity in Costa Rica and how he balances economic development with environmental preservation. Molecular biologist Philip Rea will show how he is engineering plants to control toxic waste. Molecular geneticist Nancy Bonini will discuss her work on cell survival in the nervous system and its potential impact on the treatment of degenerative diseases affecting the nerves, spine, and brain. The program will be moderated by SAS Biology Chair Andrew Binns. Reservations for this program are necessary; please call (212) 403-6620.

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