Health Advocate can help!

The tragic attack on the worshippers at the synagogue in Pittsburg reminds us of the threat of violence to our safety. Knowing how to respond to a violent events and cope with traumatic experience is important.  Health Advocate, a free and confidential service, can help you and your family. All benefits-eligible faculty and staff can use this service, whether you’re covered under Penn’s health benefits or not. 

Emotional Support

*Talk to a licensed clinician about feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, anger, fear or confusion
*Help with anxiety, stress and how to talk to your kids about the incident and their safety
*Tips to stay positive and productive

Information and Resources

*Connect to information to confirm the safety of family or friends
*Access additional local resources
*Find community organizations to assist with ways to help from afar

See the Health Advocate webpage for more information or call 866 695 8622