SAS Staff Recognition Program

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For a full overview of the program, nomination process, and evaluation criteria, see HERE

Nomination Instructions:
Please describe the staff member’s activities or accomplishments that merit your nomination.  Describe how the staff member’s contributions are above and beyond the scope and responsibility of the nominee’s job description and regular expectations.Please include specific examples addressing some or all of the following five criteria:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Initiative and innovation in solving problems or improving service
  • Actions which result in measurable and significant cost savings
  • Successful completion of special projects
  • Other accomplishments that have a particularly positive impact on the department or the school or the university

If applicable, please describe how the staff member's actions or achievements contribute to the mission of the department, school or university, or Penn Arts and Sciences staff objectives for excellent performance: adding value, finding solutions to operational challenges, and preparing the school for tomorrow.

If applicable, please describe how the actions of the staff member demonstrate results which speak to staff core qualities at the school. These include collaboration, versatility, excellence, purpose-driven activities towards the larger vision of enhanced success of SAS, and activities which show a passion for personal and professional growth.

Please try to limit your nomination to two pages or less. 

When you save the form, please include the name of the nominee in the file name.