The School of Arts and Sciences New Employee Orientation program is offered to new staff members and/or transferred staff new to the School. Sessions held every other month offer a relaxed welcoming atmosphere that allow participants to interact with others new to our School and to ask questions relating to their new work experience.  This session aims to provide some information regarding the historical background of the School and to assist staff members in becoming familiar with our organizational structure. Presentations are given by Assistant Dean, Allison Rose, who provides a detailed overview of our faculty and academic departments/centers, and the Division of Public Safety provides useful information on campus safety and street crime prevention. Valuable information pertaining to University employee health/welfare benefits, specifics of the introductory period, information regarding performance competencies and expectations, pertinent policies/procedures, and instructions on how to navigate Penn’s vast website are all provided at this in person session.

For all newly hired staff members in SAS, we also encourage attendance to the University-wide New Employee Orientation Program. These staff members should receive an invitation in the mail within thirty days of their date of hire.

If you are a new staff member who would like to inquire about either one of these new staff orientation sessions, please contact SAS HR for further information and to determine when the next session will be held.