Mentoring in SAS

The School of Arts and Sciences Mentoring in SAS program works to increase efficiency, networking and communication focusing on a variety of areas within the School. Select areas are targeted in order to offer increased support for staff members as well as professional development opportunities for those staff members acting as mentors.

The first phase of the mentoring program in SAS was comprised of the undergraduate coordinator staff group. These staff members are more likely to work on their own within SAS departments, without necessarily having exposure to other similar staff members who do the same type of work within the School. Mentoring in SAS started with this group of staff with the goal of offering them support and networking. Methods included increased documentation with the finalization of the group's updated Wiki, standardization of work flow processes, a more formalized communication network among the staff, and both individual and group meetings consisting of brown bag and workshop-based formats.

A core group of Undergraduate Coordinators have been working hard to help our SAS Mentoring Subcommittee lay the groundwork for mentoring in the School.  The following SAS staff members are our active Undergraduate Mentor group in the School:

Isabel Boston, URBS

Joseph Hallman, LPS

Robin Sherwood, BIOL

Margie Smith, MUSC

Amanda Swope, CHEM

Loretta Williams, ENGL

Mentoring in SAS is currently working on two other areas within the School which could benefit from similar measures. Our Subcommittee continues to meet to focus on continued improvement in the School in this area.