Tasty Treats: A Tasty Way to Say Thank You!

Available for pick-up in an Arts and Sciences branded cup:

  TREAT                                     MESSAGE
  Starbursts:                               You're a STAR in SAS!
  Reese's Cups:                         Have I told you REESEntly 
                                                          how much you're appreciated?!
  Chocolate Chip Cookies:        Thanks for Chipping in!
  Mars/Milky Way                       You are Out of this World!
  Lifesaver                                 Thanks for being a Lifesaver!
  M & M's                                   Many and Many thanks for all you do!
  Swedish Fish                          You are o-FISH-ally the best! Thank you!

See the full website: https://www.sas.upenn.edu/rewards-and-recognition/tasty-ways-say-thank-you

There are two ways to obtain tasty treats for distribution. You can either purchase some of the treats and be reimbursed or certain treats are available at selected pick up locations. You can order and pick up treats in an SAS branded cup at specified locations by submitting a Tasty Recognition Treats Request Form: