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The School of Arts & Sciences Science Outreach Initiative serves faculty and other researchers in the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences by helping them develop outreach program ideas and proposals, locating potential partners, and promoting information and resource exchange among all of Penn’s STEM outreach programs.

The Science Outreach Initiative was established in 2012 to encourage and support faculty participation in initiatives towards the development of research efforts which will more broadly impact public understanding of science.

Advancing the frontiers of science through research is crucial to our Nation’s future, as is the development of a more scientifically literate citizenry. Major external funders like the National Science Foundation now place an emphasis on “Broader Impacts” -- initiatives which work towards this scientific literacy goal.

The SOI staff members have extensive experience with STEM teaching and learning in universities, K-12 schools, and informal settings are familiar with basic science research.

Utilizing knowledge gained and relationships established in these professional arenas, the SOI staff will guide interested researchers through the process of effectively responding to outreach requirements of funding agencies, including the “Broader Impacts” criterion.

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2018 Penn LENS Students in front of the Franklin Institute
Penn LENS Application


Laboratory Experiences in the Natural Sciences (Penn LENS) – Summer lab experiences, with financial awards, for Philadelphia high school students.