Video: Next Gen Minds

Young scholars research cutting-edge topics at the 2013 Undergraduate Research Fair.
October 31, 2013

Undergraduates in the School of Arts and Sciences reinforce the idea that students at any level can tackle complex issues with a fresh perspective. Each year, young scholars are given the opportunity to participate in the annual Undergraduate Research Fair, where they spotlight the topics they are most passionate about.

Biology major Arielle Fogel, C’14, studies the social bonding patterns of owl monkeys by examining their cortisol levels, a measurement often associated with stress. 

“Social Environment and Cortisol Levels in a Captive Population of Owl Monkeys.”


History major Robert Franco, C’14, investigates how the anti-facist movement of the 1940s intersected with revolution in mid-20th-century Ecuador.

“World War II on the Equator: Gender, Antifacism, and Democracy in Ecuador’s May Revolution of 1944”