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In the News: SSPF Director Thomas Sugrue on Detroit's Bankruptcy

Penn Social Science and Policy Forum director, Thomas Sugrue, has been widely quoted on Detroit's bankruptcy and its implications. His article on the impact of bankruptcy on Detroit's fragile middle class was published in the New Yorker, he appeared three times on MSNBC (Richard Lui and Jansing and Co), and was the subject of lengthy interviews in Le Monde, The Toronto Globe and Mail, Linkiesta (Italy), on public radio affiliates in Detroit and San Francisco, and on the nationwide MajorityFM. In addition, Sugrue's research and commentary on Detroit has been featured in such diverse publications as the Financial Times, Washington Post, The New York Times, Think Progress, The Root, Time Weekly (China), Deadline Detroit, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Nation, In These Times, and Esquire.

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