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Taught exclusively in English with a preparatory online component, this program lets you see sustainability in action in Germany and the Netherlands—two countries widely recognized as leaders in innovative response to climate change.

In Germany, the focus is on the energy transition to renewables. We explore the cultural factors that predispose this population to embrace green politics and sustainable practices, even at personal cost. In the Netherlands, the focus is on the Dutch approach to sea level rise and flooding in a country where 26 percent of its terrain is at or below sea level, and a further 29 percent is subject to inland flooding.

After the daily excursions, you can enjoy the vibrant cultural scene of three first-class European cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Berlin. One of last year’s participants describes the program best, “The Berlin and Rotterdam program raised my awareness of sustainability and introduced me to innovative new concepts. Some of the incredible speakers and projects we got to experience changed the trajectory of my life. I have new career goals, which are more multifaceted, and I also feel much more aware of the world in general.”

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