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ENGL 435 941
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Do you have an idea you’ve dreamed about—one you keep thinking you’d like to write? Is it a story you started a long time ago that still lives on in your imagination? A profile of your grandmother? A historical event that happened in your town years ago or recently? A coming-of-age or slice of your life memoir? It may be that you don’t know exactly what story you want to tell, but you know you want to find it. This six-weeks-long writing workshop will immerse you in a creative process that will bring your work to life on the page.This workshop itself will grow from deep engagement in stories, both fiction and nonfiction. Group support will build around your words and your ideas. We’ll use meditation, free writing, dance, visualizations, and observations to help pull up experiences and fantasies that you can actualize or utilize in your writing. We’ll pay attention to the important skill of revision. Every workshop will be spontaneous and will include reading, writing, and discussing your work. We’ll find inspiration and clarity—in the class and in print—to help you express what matters to you.

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