Online Course: Beginning Business Chinese I

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CHIN 081 980
This course does not fulfill the language requirement in the College. First meeting mandatory.
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Online Course Fee: $150 (in addition to course tuition and fees)
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CHIN081-980 Beginning Business Chinese is a course for students who have no prior Chinese language background to start up Chinese in business contexts. As a fundamental course as well as a fast track for those who plan to travel to China in the near future, this introductory course will build the foundation of four skills in Chinese, with a focus on speaking, listening, and writing (typing). Topics that will be covered in the course are as follows: greetings, meeting people, family, companies, inquiries, making appointments, company visits, introducing products and social events. As the course emphasizes on the accuracy in pronunciation and grammar/vocabulary usage, students will receive lots of feedback and error corrections during class practices. The course will meet through Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is a web conferencing and training solution for real-time meetings, eLearning, and online presentations that audiences can see and hear anytime, anywhere, through any standard web browser. Depending on which applications your organization has selected, you'll be able to use Adobe Connect to deliver rich, engaging content through live meetings, online training courses, on-demand presentations, or all three.Upon successful completion of this course, interested students may take CHIN011, CHIN021, CHIN082, CHIN012 in the upcoming semesters.

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