Intermediate Spanish: Accelerated (2 CU)

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SPAN 134 910
The prerequisites for registering for this course are clearly detailed in this Credit Regulation Form: (Spring CRF) or 134 SUMMER CAMPUS crf.pdf (Summer CRF)
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During the spring semester, Spanish 134 is limited to those students who have satisfied the language requirement in another language. During the summer, (at the Penn campus and the Penn-in-Buenos Aires Summer Abroad Program), Spanish 134 is open to all students. Spanish 134 is an intensive intermediate-level language course that covers the material presented in Spanish 130 and Spanish 140. The course emphasizes the development of the four canonical skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) within a culturally based context. Class time will focus on communicative activities that combine grammatical concepts, relevant vocabulary, and cultural themes. Students will participate in pair, small-group and whole-class activities to practice linguistics skills in a meaningful context. Major course goals include: the acquisition of intermediate-level vocabulary, the controlled use of the past tense and major uses of the subjunctive, and the development of writing skills.

Students who have previously studied Spanish must take the online placement examination. Students who have already fulfilled the language requirement in Spanish may not take basic level language courses (110-145) in the same language. Any questions about placement should be addressed to the Director of the Spanish Language Program.

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