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World Film History 1945 - Present

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COML 124 920


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This course allows students to learn and to sharpen methods, terminologies, and tools needed for the critical analysis of film. Beginning with the cinematic revolution signaled by the Italian Neo-Realism, the course will provide a general mapping of main figures, movements, and trends within global filmmaking from the aftermath of WWII to the beginning of the 21th Century. We will follow the evolution of postwar cinema through the Golden Age of Japanese cinema, Modernism in Scandinavian Cinema, the French New Wave, the decline of the Hollywood Studio System and the rise of the New Hollywood, the German New Cinema, Third Cinema in Iran and Contemporary Pan-Chinese cinema. There will be precise attention paid to formal and stylistic techniques in cinematography, editing, mise-en-scène, and sound, as well as to the narrative, non-narrative, and generic organizations of film. At the same time, those formal features will be closely linked to historical and cultural distinctions and changes.  The films watched and discussed will cover a broad cultural, historical, thematic and stylistic range, from the classic narratives to documentary and experimental narratives. The goal of this course will be to develop an understanding of film history, production, film form and style; to analyze film and issues raised more perceptively and to express those perceptions in writing. Requirements will include readings in film history and film analysis, an active participation, an analytical essay, and a final exam.

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