Cuban Visual Culture

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ARTH 384 / AFRC 384 / LALS 384
(1 c.u.)
  • Taught by William Schmenner
  • Fulfills requirement: Cross-cultural analysis

This course focuses on the urban history and cultural politics of contemporary Cuba with an emphasis on contemporary art and contemporary developments in the city of Havana. Students learn about the Spanish influence on early colonial art, the development of formal academic art training, the changes to art instruction, as well as the form and content of art created since the Revolution.

While in Havana, students continue to read and participate in daily discussions as we visit various artists' studios, collections, architectural monuments and historical sites. Several short online quizzes are administered through the course Canvas site in advance and upon conclusion of the trip. This course is an intermediate survey in art history appropriate for continuing undergraduates at the sophomore and junior level. No previous courses in art history or architectural history are necessary. However, priority is given to art history majors, minors and students who have taken previous Penn art history courses such as ARTH102, 106, 278 or 294.

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