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ENGL 068
(1 c.u.)
  • Co-taught by Michael Billington and Rose Malague
  • Fulfills requirements: Humanities Elective, English and Theatre Arts Major or Minor Elective, Sector 6 of the English Major

London is one of the most exciting theatre centers in the world, and this course will focus on live performance, providing an incomparable opportunity to learn about a wide range of dramatic forms, acting styles, theatrical conventions, and playing spaces. We will attend three performances each week; class meetings will consist primarily of discussions about the productions we have seen; once each week, Michael Billington, distinguished theatre critic for the Guardian newspaper, will lead the conversation. Readings for the class will include selected plays and contextual material to prepare us for theatre viewing; written work will consist of responses to performances. Field trips will include a backstage tour of the National Theatre and a visit to the theatre collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

(Note: Tickets and tours are arranged in advance; costs are covered by program fee.)

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